The New Paradigm Powering Global Food Security And Supply Chain

  • End to end agric-tech platform enabling farmers to sell to buyer globally
  • Expanding financial options for farmers globally
  • Better management of inventory based on historical data
  • Increased efficiency with reduction in waste and better transportation practices
  • Transforming the way farmers think and succeed

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What is Agrichainx

Agrichainx is a blockchain and internet of things ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines agricultural commodities trade, supply chain, value chain, food security, international collaboration, contracting, logistics, financing and payments for all stakeholder.

The Agrichainx Ecosystem


The production, transformation and distribution of food and agricultural products are generally accepted as routine aspects of daily life around the world. Therefore, such activities have rarely been addressed within the realm of ethics. Centralized trade barriers and structures have reduced trade transactions, indirectly limited access to secure food, created price manipulation by middlemen and intermediaries and these have painted the agricultural product and commodity market as not risk worthy.

Poor Access to Open Market

Farmers are forced to sell their produce at throw away prices to traders as soon as they harvest. They do not have access to information and not connected to a pool of buyers. .

Poor Data Management

Despite the rapidly expanding adoption of agricultural technologies, post-harvest operations are impaired by systems that only manage a small part of the supply chain

Lack of Trust and Visibility

The complexity and barrier in global supply chain make it harder to follow the path of agricultural commodity to market.


More consumers worldwide are demanding information as they have the right to know where their food has come from, how it was transported and what practices were used in its production.

lack of Access to Advance Farming

There is constant loss of crops due to lack of smart farming system for monitoring crop field with the help of sensors to have soil data and to automate the irrigation system.

Poor Financial Services

Lack of access to efficient financial services is depriving farmers of the possibilities to grow their businesses or convert their ideas into new profitable projects.

Slow Cash Settlements

The traditional financial and verification setups offer a major drawback in cash settlement which births transaction bottlenecks.

Lack of Information

Most farmers are operating at just 40% of their potential capacity because of poor access to information and this affects farmer’s ability to plan and harvest more effectively and gain access to market.


An Enterprise-driven blockchain ecosystem for agriculture sector that would allow farmers to sell their crops directly to retailers, exporters/importers, super markets chain, hotel industries, consumers, etc., without relying on the traditional multi-level distribution structure. Each farmer on the platform is registered using biometric verification, and get allotted with a unique meta ID. This meta information in a long run provides businesses and consumers a complete description of farmer’s land and the quality of crops they harvest like organic or non-organic, etc. They will also be able to preserve their crops using the facilities of brick-and mortar cold storage and warehouse network.


An efficient and robust digital marketplace that allow buyers and growers to connect directly to consumers, increasing the amount of profits that go to the farmers.

Supply chain tracking automation

Agrichainx records stages of growth for registered crop, to selling to consumers to creates transparency about the produce for buyers.

Information and data visibility

The digital ledger solution provides immutable information providing trust and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Recordkeeping and proof of origin

As commodities move along the supply chain, proof of origin can be established and also proof of income all recorded in digital ledger.

Smart Farming

Smart farm allows farmers to capture data in real-time, combined with IoT. And these Data helps in monitoring crop growth, harvesting, and expected yields.

Expand financial options for farmers

Farmers can use the verification for funding or purchasing crop. And smart lending and insurance options.

Immediate payment on delivery

Agrichainx will enable real-time payment on delivery and improve settlement process for farmers, Farmers get paid immediately without delay

Smart contracting

Agrichainx provides seamless contract solutions between farmers, brokers, buyers and logistics providers.

How Agrichainx Blockchain Ecosystem Works

Agrichainx Blockchain Ecosystem has been designed to be self-expanding and effortlessly scalable to support all types of small holder farming, ranging from agricultural and commodity trade, supply and value, smart agriculture, agricultural funding, logistics to global commercial trade, with market size of up to 20 trillion USD.

1. Service Providers

Contribute to the development of the core elements of the Ecosystem.

Logistics companies

2. Core Elements

Core Elements Used by the Ecosystem participants as building blocks for the development of innovative Blockchain solutions.

Fiat & crypto money gateways
Automating Purchase Process
Secure Supply Chain
Faster Transaction Flow
Detection & Prevention of Frauds
Ensuring Integral Traceability
Streamlining Internal Documents

3. Blockchain Solutions

Every solution developed by Agrichainx Ecosystem run smoothly to integrate some or all of the core elements of the Ecosystem to boost business processes.

Solutions for merchants

4.Ecosystem Users

Both business and private users reap the following benefits to improve performance:

Global reach
Food Security
Reduced costs
Speed of transactions
Supply Chain Efficiency

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Agrichainx Token Details

The Agrichainx Token is considered as the most valuable asset on the network. The token will be referred to as Agricoin “AGN” and will be issued to serve as fuel for the ecosystem and as a form of exchanging on the platform to give incentives to users, to encourage trade and to build a platform to facilitate market activities.

Accepted Currencies ETH, BTC, NGN
Soft Cap $5,000,000
Hard Cap $50,000,000
TOTAL TOKENS 200,000,000 AGN

Agricoin Token Demand Key Factors

Demand for the services delivered by Agrichainx Blockchain Ecosystem.

Development of a proprietary blockchain.

Growing volume of transactions concluded in Agrichainx tokens.

Crowdfarming and P2P Lending.

Insurance coverage and FarmersPension.

Expansion of Agrichainx Blockchain Ecosystem by attracting businesses from multiple agric industries and regions.


Q4: 2018

Idea Conceptualized

Research and Development



Q1: 2019

Team Assemble

Whitepaper Development

Awareness Creation and consultation

Preparation for Stake Offering


Q2: 2019

Community Building

Agrichainx Website Launched

Initial Stake Offering Pre-Launch


Q3: 2019

Agrichainx version 2.0 launched

Initial Stake Offering Begins

Marketing and Promotion

Private and Presale Begins


Q4: 2019

Main Sale Begins

Launch of Agrichainx ERC20 P2P smart contracts

Agrictrade Beta Testing


Q1: 2020

Initial Exchange Offering

Exchange Listing

Launch of Agrictrade

Launch of AgricNet

Q2: 2020

AGNwallet Prototype

Launch of Agricfinance

Agrichub and Local Agent Center Launched

Q3: 2020

Smart Agric Farming functionality Beta Testing.

AgricCard-Touch and Pay Mobile Solution


Q4: 2020

Agrichain Pre-Launch

Farmers Pension launched

IOT Sensor and Monitoring Satellite Deployment.

Q1: 2021

Agricdata full implementation

Drones acquired for farming and tracking functionality.

Development, launch, and trials of AI and data capturing system prototype.

Q2: 2021

Deployment of POC Sensors and initial Data Baseline creation.

Initial data gathering, data scientists start creating control-guide structures. AgricStorage

Q3: 2021

Expansion to new markets and global sales.


The Agrichainx team is uniquely positioned to take on this challenge. Our team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs who bring in-depth knowhow across the dimensions of business, IoT technology, AI, Big Data, software, blockchain, and the agriculture industry. The Agrichainx network, team and advisors shares the same spirit in which cryptocurrencies and tokens were originally envisioned: transparency, fairness, accessibility, and innovation.

Otoaye Godfrey

Co-Founder/CEO Africa

Robert Logan

Co-Founder/CEO USA

Adewunmi Daini

Chief Financial Officer

Sangodare Elisha Oyeyinka

Chief Investment Officer

Onyeka Dominic

Media Manager And Content Writer

Etuk Gloria Olaseni

Communication And Event Manager

Queen Mamatebele Jane

Global Marketer

Azeez Ibrahim Akolade

Promotion/Marketing Strategy Partner

Onyema Christian Meribe

Business Development Manager

Inusa Eshioramhe Rapheal

Head Branding & Enterprise Architect

Adewuyi Segun Peter

Head Agricoin Education and Adoption

Salami Abiodun Micheal

Head Agricfinance

Opeyemi Olasunkanmi

Head Agrichub

Regional Representatives

Malak Babar Khalil

Asia Representative

Nicholas Sserugunda

Dubai Representative

Mathabo Tshabalala

South Africa Representative

Mukalazi Pius

Uganda Representative

Makhotso Mothiane

Lesotho Representative

Kelin Verigin

Investment Officer/Canada Representative

Badre Badreddine

Morocco Representative


Zhurakovskiy Ivan

ICO, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Advisor. Managing Partner at Broffice LP

Peter Huang

ICO Advisor,Big data, cloud, IoT, and analytics

Layllen Sawyerr

Founder/CEO at Layleverage Group

Francisco Sarrias

Senior Sales Engineer at Jelurida

Alao Opeyemi

CEO Coxena

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